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Date Media Article
07/01/10 Forum for the Future - Green Futures
Can road trains cut congestion and emissions in one?
06/01/10 Irish Times Motor related quiz. One of the questions are about SARTRE
04/01/10 Belfast Telegraph
Motorway roadtrains to be tested
04/01/10 Autocar UK Eight-car 'roadtrain' trial begins
04/01/10 Edinburgh Evening News
Test to start on cars that drive themselves
03/01/2010 Telegraph

Self-drive cars on roads within 10 years

03/01/2010 The Citizen Motorway roadtrains to be tested
15/12/2009 Borås Tidning Bilarna går som tåget
20/11/2009 Ny Teknik Om tio år kör bilen sig själv
20/11/2009 NRC Handelsblad


11/11/2009 San Francisco Examiner Road Trains, the future is here, driving while sleeping, emailing or putting on makeup
10/11/2009 Times SARTRE puts EU on the road train to freedom
10/11/2009 Throttle EU and Ricardo launch SARTRE road-train project
10/11/2009 Wired News With Road Trains Highways Become Public Transportation
09/11/2009 Bangkok Post Cars set to drive themselves
09/11/2009 BBC News Road Trains get ready to roll
06/11/2009 The Washington Times Cars that drive themselves in development?
22/06/2009 Daily Mail

Lasers-guided cars could allow drivers to eat and sleep at the wheel while travelling in 70mph convoys



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